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How To Make The Most Out Of An Internal Job Referral

In today's job market, the battle is getting more intense. It no longer lies in how detailed your cover letter is or how beautiful. You know why? Cause every other job seeker is probably doing the same.

This chaotic atmosphere now calls you to be proactive, ready, and prepared at all times. Using your network, you might get an internal reference, which might be all you need to get that job.

It's a golden opportunity, and also one you must not mess up. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of this opportunity.

1. Be Prepared

Whether you asked someone to refer you, or perhaps they decided to chip in your name out of their own accord, the fact is that you should always be ready. That means being one step ahead of your employer.

As you may have rightly guessed, hiring managers do prioritize internal reference. That means you should hear from them soon enough, compared to candidates following the conventional route.

2. Inside Information

Some large businesses often offer an incentive for internal referrals. So, sometimes your friend might not just be looking out for you alone, but for the rewards that come with it. It means that they are ever willing to help you get the job, which entails guiding you on every hiring process step.

If, unfortunately, you weren't hired, tell your referee for more insight about the opportunity. Ask as many questions as you can, including interview questions and personality types. When you equip yourself with the right Information, getting that dream job wouldn't be such hard work anymore.

3. Represent Not Only Yourself

When you apply to work in a company, the burdens and responsibilities are on you. But if it's through an internal referral, you're not only representing yourself; you're also representing the person who referred you.

With that in mind, ensure you have proper etiquette throughout the hiring process. If there is a request or an email from your potential employer, be prompt about it. When preparing for the big day, it is assumed you already know a lot about the company. Try as much as possible to represent the person who referred you in a good light.

4. Expect Nothing

Getting an internal reference might be the edge you need to get your dream job, but that doesn't mean you're hired. Don't expect everything to be handed to you; you need to treat all the hiring processes as you would if you applied.

Also, don't assume the employer already knows you because you were recommended. If you do, you will most likely miss out on some critical information that may be beneficial.


Getting that dream job of yours might sound like rocket science, but it shouldn't be. Apart from internal reference, there are even faster and easier means to get a job, like leveraging modern technologies like Curate and Keyword Analyzers. With these incredible tools, you will be able to grab that job offer without sweating.


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