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Get more interviews faster

Optimize your resume and get it past the machines 

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4,000+ users

Join thousands of others improving their resume

how it works

How it works

1. Add the extension

Download the extension from the Chrome Store for free with a click of a button. 

2. Upload your resume

analyze and match
provide keywords to use

Upload your latest resume to the extension. 

Jobalytics identifies a match rate between your resume and the job you're applying for.

We help you identify keywords to improve your resume.

why jobalytics?

why jobalytics?

your resume isn’t read by humans, it's read by machines

250 applications are sent for a single job opportunity.

75% of submissions are rejected automatically by applicant tracking systems.

mind the gap

Experts estimate it takes one month to find a job for every $10,000 of the paycheck you want to earn.

If you were looking to earn $60,000 a year, your job search could take six months.

resume optimization

Utilizing the Jobalytics Chrome plugin, you can upload your resume,

enabling keyword matching to your dream job. See what’s there, see what’s not.


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