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The end of your product manager job search is here

Curate computes a Resume Match Score to identify product manager jobs that best match your skills, leading to more interviews.


Get the best matched PM roles from across the web delivered to your email every week.


It’s completely free!



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Find your dream job

Say goodbye to spending hundreds of hours looking through different job boards searching for a new position. Manual job searches are a thing of the past. 

Say hello to sitting back and relaxing and having an AI search through tens of thousands of jobs for you in an INSTANT to find your perfect match. 

Make your job search effortless and lighting fast. 

Let Curate do all the work for you. 

How it works


Simply give us the job title and location of your dream job, along with your resume. 


Curate tirelessly searches the whole web for you, through tens of thousands of open job positions, to find the one that would be perfect for you.

Get a list of your dream job candidates delivered to your inbox every week! 

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  • How do you know what jobs to match based on my resume? I don’t want to be matched to the old roles that I had years ago.
    We scan the jobs based on the job title and location you provide us at the sign up and match your resume against those jobs. We focus on jobs that have recently been posted.
  • Where do these jobs come from?
    We source thousands of job postings from hundreds of job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.
  • How does it work around inconsistencies in job titles?
    This is something we are always improving. Our algorithm will identify similar roles in certain instances where there might be slight differences in naming, such as “software engineer” or “software developer.”
  • How specific should the job title be? I’m looking for a director role or equivalent.
    The more exact the job title you provide, the more accurate your recommendations will be.
  • What is your business model?
    We work with partners that are looking for job candidates and in some cases they pay us a fee for each applicant that applies. In other words, we get paid when you apply for relevant jobs.
  • Does this tool support regions outside of the US?
    Currently we are only in the US but are working to support other countries soon.

Others are finding success

“This helped me refine my resume and get over the edge to that screening call I wanted.”

- Bhargav

“Jobalytics is key in helping define what the current market trends are in terms of ideas and concepts. It quickly identifies keywords that match my resume, and also presents a nice list of potential additions.”

- Perlin

"This helped me find compatible job positions with my current skillset"

- Matthew N.

Find your dream job, lightning fast

Curate by Jobalytics is currently in beta. Spots are limited. We open up spots a little at a time to serve our selected users impeccably. Don't miss out on this opportunity to find your dream job.

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