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2020 in Retrospect and Moving Forward in the New Year

The pandemic brought a whole new dynamic to business operations, work-life balance, and career. It distorted a lot of things, triggered job loss, and caused pay cuts. In general, it made 2020 a relatively more challenging year.

However, specific changes that it brought are going to be instrumental to a more digitally fast-paced business space. One of such changes is the reduced cost of business operations through remote working for most employees. The convenience of the work-from-home scheme not only serves employees to lead more efficient lives, but it opens a new pool of opportunities for them. One can now apply for jobs that are located in distant states or even internationally.

Whichever way the year might have gone for you, it is crucial to look back on achievements, shortcomings, as well as other things you could have handled better. Carefully examining things in retrospect would help you understand the direction in which you need to move forward. Here is a helpful guide to walk you through what needs to be done.

Ask yourself the hard questions

Asking yourself pertinent questions concerning your work-life and career is the best way to measure progress. How well did you achieve the goals you set for the year? Did you put in as much effort as you initially conceived into your projects? Doing this helps you define what you seek to achieve in the new year. It helps you go steps ahead, as you would discover mistakes you would not want to repeat.

Highlight your goals for the coming year

Rather than setting new year resolutions that would wear out after the first three weeks of the year, outlining milestones for yourself is more realistic and sustainable. You can begin by writing your goals down. Doing this is a step forward in successfully attaining these milestones. Remember the criteria for setting a reasonable goal; it must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-oriented. Doing this not only gives sustainability to your goals, but it also helps you create markers for progress.

Create an action plan

Many people make a mistake of focusing on "the what" and leaving out "the how" of achieving goals. If your plans involve something like getting a new job or making a career change, you need to know the specifics of how you would get it. It also does not hurt to create a step-by-step action plan to achieve your goals. You could start by expanding your network to aid that job search or career change. You could also update and optimize your resume to suit that job opportunity you have your eyes on. It would be best if you did things that improve your chances of achieving your goals. There are tons of services on the internet to help you do this. For example, Curate by Jobalytics helps you find jobs that match your resume, location, and desire. Jobalytics also has a resume optimization service that provides you with the keywords to beat ATS bots and get more job offers.

If you are passionate about achieving your goals, you must be ready to use all the tools in your arsenal. Visit Jobalytics today to begin your journey.


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