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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Finding A Job

In today’s volatile times, a high percentage of the recruitment and job search process is done via the web, and luckily there are many excellent tools available to make the process better. Consider equipping yourself with the best tools so you can be successful with the least amount of effort!

Recruiters utilize an excellent pool of online resources while searching for the best fit for job openings. If recruiters are doing that much, you also should have a job search arsenal to aid your process. Here are five must-have chrome extension tools that have proven to be very helpful for job hunting:

#1 Jobalytics:

This is your go-to chrome extension for beating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that filters out resumes. Jobalytics helps you to analyze your dream job description against the details in your resume. It calculates a match rate between your resume and the job you are applying to get. This method makes sure that your resume has a higher chance of beating the bots. If your resume is not matching the description of your target job, Jobalytics provides you with keywords to help improve your resume and increases your chances at getting found by recruiters.

#2 Discoverly:

Networking is an essential part of your job search process and it is what Discoverly helps you achieve. It shows you social media information about the online profiles you visit. By creating a sort of interconnectivity between Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles, you can easily find connections with your would-be recruiters or target employers. For example, if you search for the LinkedIn profile of your target firm’s hiring manager, it would provide you with mutual Facebook profiles and tweets. This feature helps to show and save contact information that is relevant to your job search.

#3 Huntr:

This is a job search tracker that helps you monitor the job applications you have sent out. Huntr collects and manages essential details about your job search including salaries, job titles, company websites, locations and so on. It saves your job search progress, contacts, and events. The Huntr chrome extension also has notes feature that allows you to document essential details. This tracker also helps in saving jobs from websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Over sixty thousand job searchers currently use this because it is an excellent analytical tool.

#4 Companybook Insider:

Researching the target firms you are applying to is a vital step in the job search process. Companybook Insider helps you with this. It is a chrome extension that helps you get information about any target firms you are looking at and from any website. It provides the company's information, social media handles, its latest news development and similar firms. This feature would help you have an edge during the interview stage.

#5 Strict Workflow:

Researching and sending out job applications can be a little tedious, and there is a tendency to drift towards other unproductive activities. This chrome extension helps you stay on course by preventing you from getting distracted. Strict Workflow does this by creating a balance of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. It also helps you block distracting websites, thereby preventing you from accessing them.

To learn about resume optimization and getting a job in today’s difficult times, visit Jobalytics today to download the Chrome plugin to ensure your resume passes all ATS filters that recruiters use to analyze resumes. And consider trying out our free "Curate" service. We will analyze your resume and search across the the web for the latest jobs that perfectly match your profile with the highest match scores, sending you weekly curated list of your best job matches so you can choose which positions to apply to for the best chances of landing phone calls and interviews.


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