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5 Job Hunting Tips That Enhance Your Success

To hit success in your job hunting adventure, you need to know some specific techniques and tips that widen your chances. With these tips, you will be able to stand out in a competitive market and get the job.

Here is the irony about job search advice; there are many on the internet that you might get overwhelmed. If you’re paying attention, you will discover that they tend to contradict, quite confusing. But here are some proven tips that work every time. If you want to get that dream job and stand out from other candidates, these tips will help.

Identify Your Career Goals

Before you start job hunting, you need first to define your career goals. This tip is crucial, especially for individuals who are new in the workforce. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from a family, career coach, or professor.

When you identify your career goal, it will help you narrow the search. By so doing, you’re most likely to land a position you’re passionate about and will help you professionally.

Get Resume And Cover Letter Help

Before you start submitting your resume to every opening, ensure you get some input from career counselors or other professionals to proofread your resume.

Due to their experience, they are likely to view your resume and cover letter as a potential employer. No doubt, they will help you make some adjustments and corrections.

Also, do not forget to optimize your resume using a reliable resume keyword analyzer like Jobalytics. You might not know this; optimizing your resume increases your chances of landing a job.

Network Regularly

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to network with key figures in your industry. Some networking events offer you the chance to meet key figures. If you’re able to strike up a conversation and engage them, getting them in your contact list is possible. Ask the right questions, and you might even get yourself a job at the spot.

Expand Your Skills

Having more skills is an edge since the competition is intense. If you’re joining the workforce, expanding your skills will play in your favor. There are many ways to go about this, perhaps through an internship or by volunteering for an organization.

Another avenue might include furthering your education or attending some workshops that build your skills.

Update Your Linkedin Profile

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you practically don’t exist. Most potential employers often go through your account, to know if you’re the ideal candidate or not. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and fresh.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with some relevant keywords in your field will help expose you further. There are numerous people today who got their job through LinkedIn, you too can!


Job hunting can be a daunting experience, but it shouldn’t be with the right tips and techniques. Apply with confidence, and see yourself as the best candidate. When you have something unique to offer, getting the job is always inevitable. It can be discouraging to apply to so many jobs only to get few to no responses. The reason this happens is applicants are filtered and ranked by their resume match score, which is how well their keywords on the resume matches the keywords of the job post. The highest matches get priority in getting phone calls and interviews. You have the power to make sure your application makes it to the top of the resume rankings in the Applicant Tracking Systems. You can use the Jobalytics Chrome App to find your match score for jobs and the key words you can add to increase it and rank higher. And if you want a simple way to get a list of jobs with your highest match scores, use Jobalytics Curate. We will scan the web each week and analyze the latest job posts to find the highest matches for your profile. Each week, you'll get a Curated list of jobs with your highest match score straight to your email.


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