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5 Tips To Find And Land A New Job In 2021

With the current economic climate, you might begin to question if it’s possible to get a job this year. But if you’ve been sleeping on job boards for that dream, the chances are that you wouldn’t get that job. About 80% of jobs aren’t publicly published, and sometimes it all lies on networking. However, some tips will help, which will give you the edge needed to get that dream job.

1. Dream Big

Perhaps you’re dreaming of producing music for a prominent artist like Taylor Swift. If that is the case, you will need to start small. That entails reaching out to local music recording studios and offering for an internship or even volunteer positions. For a better chance, learn a lot about recording and how the software works. If you can blog about all you’ve learned, it might be what you need to grab that dream job of yours. Dream big, and take action.

2. Identify Your Team

You don’t always have to feel like the lone wolf all the time. To get the dream job, you must be ready to associate with people who have blueprints on how to get there. Start from your school’s alumni listings, or perhaps on LinkedIn. If you can find employees in your dream job, that will be great. Look at where they got their start and take note. Fact is, there are over 14 million companies with less than 50 employees or less, and the chances are that some of these companies have the potential to employ you.

3. Connect

When you’ve identified these professionals in your dream job, it is time to connect. Craft a concise message and ask for a 10 minutes interview. Remember to start with a friendly approach, then share how inspired you are about their career and how you would love to learn about their journey. If you were given an audience, request a Zoom call and never be shy to hit the send button.

4. Buff Up Your Network

At your informational interview, you have a lot to gain. Go ahead and ask if they can recommend anyone who you can reach out to. As you may have already known, professionals are often well connected and might be able to point in the right direction. If they are comfortable, you could request they give you feedback on your resume and cover letter. They might be able to provide you with some tips that will help you get your dream job. Your connection is most likely to see themselves and you, and possibly help you get the job you much deserve.

5. Go Beyond The Game

You don’t have to necessarily wait until the stars align; you can apply for a job even before the position opens. That means reaching out to an organization and letting them know how passionate you are to work for them. No doubt, this will set you apart and give you a better advantage.


Finding that job dream is not always an easy route, but the above tips will give you a much better advantage. Don’t forget to use incredible tools like Curate and Keyword Analyzer, perhaps that is the secret to getting that dream job.


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