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Best Gig Economy Jobs and Apps

Due to the rise in computer and fast internet speed, the gig economy has become an enormous industry where one can handle multiple gigs at the same time. The critical factor to this exponential growth is the internet, and the 5G network would even break more barriers and horizon.

In the US alone, roughly 57 million people make money from the gig economy. It is a significant route people dabble into to supplement their income. Take Uber, for instance, as more people can make additional income using their cars for transportation purposes.

In this article, you’re going to learn about five of the best gig economy job that you can do. If you have the skill, then you can do it.

Gig Economy Jobs


Driving is one of the popular gig economy jobs that one can do without any particular skill or experience. All you need is merely your regular driving license, and you’re good to go. While there are some specialized training for truck drivers, you don’t need much if you’re delving into being a delivery driver, passenger driver and so on.

Freelance Programmer

If you’re an excellent programmer and you’re looking to work without getting confined in an office for the rest of your life, then this route would sound appealing to you. Numerous companies need the services of a developer or programmer, without having to create a separate department or employ a whole workforce. That way, the freelancer knows his gig and what he needs to do. One key factor in getting this job has an impressive resume. Use this exceptional Jobalytics Chrome Plugin to have a better chance.


If you’re very good at fixing things with your hand, like fixing a doorknob, setting up a new appliance, or moving heavy objects around, then this gig economy job would be best for you. You decide when you work, where you work, and how you do it. It’s an exciting choice.

Gig Economy Apps


Fiverr is a gigantic freelance website where freelancers can advertise their skills and get gigs. If you can write, design, market, create animation, etc. then there are individuals looking for your services. You can market virtually any skill you have, so long as there are people that want them.


Another gig economy app that can help you make a decent income is TaskRabbit, where Taskers help manage demands such a putting a piece of furniture together or perhaps waiting in line for someone who doesn’t have the patience. This gig economy app is a growing platform that allows you to make money without any exceptional skill.


This gig app is similar to Fiverr, as it helps freelancers make money through their skills. You can send a proposal to businesses or individuals about any service they might need. It is a great app that you can use to make more money.


The gig economy is growing at a tremendous pace due to its flexibility and remote nature. You can work at your own time, place, and speed without having been bossed around. To stand out more, Jobalytics Chrome Plugin would help. To learn more, visit Jobalytics.


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