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Creative Ideas to Help Your Application Stand Out

The internet and social media have increased the ease of finding a job vacancy in recent times. But this has an implication; there is a larger pool of candidates for interviewers to choose from. There would be a variety of people who have different skills and possess unique attributes. However, this should not deter you, as you also can find a way to define your uniqueness in your resume. If you need to stand out amongst the many candidates, this article is just for you. By following these ideas, you can be sure that you would not be just another random candidate whose resume would be overlooked.

  • Resume design and format

There is no one-size-fits-all layout when it concerns the design or format of your resume. What matters is that its content is simple enough for the person hiring to see how much of a good fit you are. However, for roles that require design creativity, you have to show up with your best. But be careful not to draw attention away from the content. Also, if there are specific instructions on what format to use or send your resume in, it is best to adhere to them.

  • Tell a story

It would be best if you looked more than a statistic; there should be a personal feel to your resume such that the person hiring can register you as a potential employee. To do this, you need to express a step-by-step development of how your career has progressed. If it is your first time applying for such a job, you need to detail your other achievements in ways that leave an impression.

  • Include a link to your portfolio

Resumes may not showcase the details of your achievements in full; therefore you need an online portfolio. It does not only serve the purpose discussed in the above point. It is a building block that would surely help you progress faster than the rest of the candidates, especially if the person hiring did not request it in the application requirements. Doing this helps to nudge the person hiring in your direction. It highlights your abilities and skills while perfecting the hirer’s perception of your persona.

  • Show your interest

Employers are keen on hiring people who are passionate about what their firms do. Therefore, you need to come off as passionate. A recommended way to show this interest is by using the company’s tools to create or modify your resume, application, or portfolio. If you cannot do this, then express your interest through words in your cover letter.

  • Have a professional analyze your resume

You may have mentally registered your resume as perfect, but you cannot tell if there are loopholes you are not aware of. You can identify these loopholes by running your resume on a completely automated service. One excellent way to do this is by adding the Jobalytics extension to your chrome browser. This service helps you find keywords that are relevant to the job position you are applying to get. This way, both bots, and recruiters can deem you to be the perfect candidate for the role. Visit Jobalytics today to learn more.


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