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Dealing With Gaps in Resume

Everyone takes breaks from work for several reasons. It is sometimes voluntary, and other times, it might be as a result of being laid off and not finding gainful employment quickly enough. This may not be a problem for you, but for employers, it usually is. Resume gaps are a red flag and without conscious efforts to explain the reason for it, most employers usually assume the worst.

It is best to not assume that an employment gap would not get noticed during the hiring process. This is especially important when you are vying for a position that requires more recent experience. This is why you must plan to answer and reasonably explain why you have a resume gap. Here are some useful tips to help you successfully scale through an interview when you need to explain a resume gap:

Be prepared:

If you have a gap in your resume, it will definitely show up. So what do you do when the recruiter asks? It is a terrible thing to begin to fret and stutter in times like that. What you must do is to prepare a plausible explanation beforehand as to why you have a gap in your resume. It is perfectly normal to be nervous, but a good preparation would help you scale through with ease.

Be careful not to overshare:

If you have a six-month gap in your resume, you do not necessarily have to explain all you did during that period. It is only important to establish the reason for the gap and keep the recruiters from assuming the worst about it. Your explanation must be concise and targeted at affirming your credibility.

Sell yourself:

In the short time you have to explain the reason you have a resume gap, be sure to still sell yourself by sharing the value you may have acquired in that period. Now, it is also an important time to be honest, as most recruiters can tell a lie or an embellishment from a mile away.

Be confident:

Your attitude and countenance go a long way in asserting your words. As important as it is to say the right things, it is just as essential to maintain a confident demeanor. Doing this adds to your credibility. Keep your explanation as concise and affirming as possible.

Use referrals:

Referrals are a great way to push through difficulty in interviews. If you have a resume gap, you could tie in a referral from friends, former co-workers or someone who works in your target company.

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