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Four Best Tools for Students in the Job Market

These days, it’s a tough market for students and new grads. There are times it feels like there are more applicants than available jobs.

Thankfully, there are a number of tools available to help students and new grads combat these problems. Here are a few of our favorite platforms aimed at helping the newest members of the talent pool.

1. Handshake

Handshake is an app that connects students with open internships and entry-level jobs. It’s connected to each university’s campus career center and helps demystify the job search process for newbies.

After creating an online profile outlining their skills and education, students can search the Handshake job board and find opportunities that fit their experience and goals. Alternatively, students can opt to get relevant job alerts in their inbox each week.

2. Flexjobs

For students, the ability to work from anywhere you want, whenever you want is priceless. This is where Flexjobs comes in— it’s a subscription service that focuses on matching students and new grads with legitimate remote opportunities.

While some remote job boards can feel scammy, Flexjobs is different. Their team reviews every job posted to ensure that it’s legitimate.

While there is a small fee to use the site, the time saved and number of remote jobs available makes the cost worth it for many job seekers. The price tag also discourages less-serious applicants from using the platform, which in turn drives down competition.

3. Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a recruiting platform that provides a job board to students and new grads in the STEM field. This app uses an algorithm to connect job seekers with opportunities that are compatible with their experience and interests. It uses a percentage system in order to match candidates with relevant openings in their field.

Users of Jumpstart can apply to three jobs per day for free. This is a benefit for the platform, since most users only apply to jobs they have a serious interest in.

4. Jobalytics

Jobalytics offers multiple free products to assist students and new grads on their journey to find their dream jobs. One of the unique features of Jobalytics is the Resume Keyword Analyzer. This is a Chrome extension that analyzes a job seeker’s uploaded resume while they search job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Monster.

The Resume Keyword Analyzer generates a ‘match score.’ This score details the compatibility of the user’s resume based on the amount of keywords in the resume that resonate with keywords in the job description. The user can then update their resume to include any missing keywords, increasing the likelihood of their application reaching the interview stage.

Jobalytics also offers an AI-powered email subscription service called Curate that sends users relevant job matches three times a week. Curate scours the internet to find jobs that match the users best, saving them time and introducing them to the opportunities they have the best chances of successfully landing on interviews.


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