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How To Choose Between 2 Great Job Offers

Your job-hunting finally paid off, and with you are two great offers awaiting your approval. Both have a reasonable commute, similar salary, and most of all, you can picture yourself in both positions.

If this is your story, please get a lottery ticket as you're one lucky human. Getting a job is never easy, and getting two job offers sounds almost unbelievable.

After the euphoria of getting two job offers has died down, now is the time to put on your thinking cap and make a choice. The tips in this article will help you choose between two great job offers.

1. Don’t Make It About Money

A common mistake job seekers often make is going for the offer with better pay. Making it about money might not play in your best interest, but rather consider how you feel about the job. Consider both offers and their environment. The best suggestion is often one that allows you to shine in your position, not necessarily the salary.

Unless, perhaps, the pay is one that utterly transports you to the moon.

2. Imagine Yourself In The Job

The fact is that everyone wants to be their best at work. But such a reality doesn't often play out, as working conditions and your supervisor might be a nightmare.

You also need to consider fellow employees and determine if the environment is suitable for your working career and future.

Since your supervisor or manager are key individuals, think of past managers and the qualities that made them great. After much consideration, you should know the offer that promises you a better experience in your career.

3. Look At The Big Picture

Before you make your final decision, take a moment, and look at your career as a whole.

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years? No doubt, you should know the job offer that promises more in terms of career growth.

If your best friend was the one in this dilemma, what would your advice be? When looking at the big picture, remember to set money aside, and focus on career growth.

4. Trust Your Intuition

Once you've done some research and considerations, don't forget to listen to your inner voice.

Ask yourself:

  • Which of the job offers excites me the most?

  • Is my list gearing me toward one job or the other?

  • What is my instinct telling me to do?

You have to trust yourself to make the right choice. Even though family and friends might advise you otherwise, remember that it's your choice to make.

Remember, you're the one who's going to have the experience, not them. That means you should trust your gut and go for that job offer that intrigues you.


Getting two great job offers might seem surreal to many job hunters. But when you put in the work, coupled with the right tools, it becomes possible. By using tools like Resume Keyword Analyzer and Curate, getting multiple job offers no longer becomes rocket science.


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