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How to Highlight Important Skills from Part-Time Jobs on Your Resume

Sometimes you have work experience, but it’s part-time, and you are hesitant to put it on your resume. However, you should know that you can use part-time jobs to make your resume look impressive, just like full-time positions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding excellent skills that you acquired during your part-time employment on your resume when you’re looking for a job.

Why do you need to include your part-time jobs?

Part-time jobs are also jobs, and when that is the only type of employment you’ve done, it is then vital to add them into your work history so that your employer has something to evaluate. Often, part-time jobs can boost your chance of getting an interview if they have a strong correlation with the role you’re applying for. Your professional skills from working at summer camps, restaurants, and even volunteering are not useless, and you need to find a way to describe them on your resume without overstating it.

It is also useful to have part-time jobs, especially when you run your resume through Resume keyword analyzers like Jobalytics, and there are keyword suggestions that your part-time job can help you match.

Tips on highlighting vital part-time job skills on your resume

Here are some practical ways to have a kickass resume while making the most of your part-time work experience.

Have a Part-Time Work Section

Keeping all your part-time work in one section allows you to quickly highlight all your skills in an exact, concise paragraph that recruiters can assess. This section also allows you to list all your part-time work, just like a regular job. Use the area to emphasize your skills and strong points in those jobs.

Showcase your results

Use bullet points to focus on your skills and results, not responsibilities. These points help to show competence and help you impress recruiters. Share the outcomes of your actions and how you helped the company despite being a part-timer. Ensure to include specific numbers, achievements, and results. An example is increasing sales by 25% in 3 months, raising customer satisfaction ratings by 30% in 4 weeks. Your results must be measurable to allow for context and assessment.

Find similarities to the job you’re applying for

Recruiters love to see specific keywords that help them identify the best fit for the job. It’s your job to fit yourself into the mold. Find the essential keywords easily using the Jobalytics plugin, highlight them from your part-time work by making them relevant to the position you're applying to and improve your chances of getting an interview.


Looking for jobs when you have only or majorly part-time work experience should not discourage you. You can also use Curate to find your dream job quickly through an AI-powered mechanism that gets you the best job openings for you to apply to.


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