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How To Know Your Market Value

Having a great looking resume might be enough to land you that dream job. However, your dream job doesn't guarantee you'll be happy, especially when you feel you're being underpaid.

If there is one thing that brings out the best in employees, it is the knowledge that they are paid for what they are worth. But when reverse becomes the case, they feel cheated on. Sometimes, even the most passionate employees might feel mistreated.

If you don't want to be treated unfairly, you need to know your worth. Only then can you negotiate appropriately with your employer. With the following tips, you should find out what you're worth in the job market without hassles.

Your Inner Worth

Before you start dabbling around with online calculators, you need to give an honest assessment of yourself. Look within, what do you think you're worth?

This question might seem tricky, but if you don't know your worth, you'll find it hard to prove it to your employer. What will help you determine your worth is analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, and achievements.

This self-assessment will help you determine your worth in the job market, positioning you to make better offers during the recruitment process.

Market research

When potential employees hear market research, they often envision walking from company to company to make inquiries about their salaries. Far from that! With the device you're using, you can conduct market research without having to step an inch.

There are many calculating tools on the internet that you can utilize to find out your worth in the job market. All you need to do is head over to Google and type 'job market value calculator.'

No doubt, you'll come across numerous calculators from different sites. Take your time and go through as many as you can. They are mostly free, so you have no reason to worry about your pocket.

Network And Connect With Professionals

Conducting market research will give you an idea of your market value, but it might not be enough judging by how fast change occurs. The reason you need to connect with professionals is due to their expert views and opinion.

Network with people in other companies, especially those in Human Resources Department. Politely ask them how much you're worth or the worth of someone who performs your role.

Some of your friends or network might help you with the compensation details of their company. It would undoubtedly help you make a better decision when negotiating with your employer. Also, you can ask professionals who are in the same field as you.


Knowing your market worth will help increase your earning power, it isn't always the focal point. Your salary is not all since most jobs offer commissions, bonuses, compensations, and even feeding allowances in many countries.

So, please don't rely on salary alone when seeking motivation, as it could be the tip of an iceberg compared to the overall gain and experience.

After discovering your worth, next thing is to start applying for jobs, right? With incredible tools like Resume Keyword Analyzer and Curate, you widen your chances of getting that job that pays what you're truly worth.


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