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How to Make Your Remote Job Application Stand Out

Companies today are opting to hire remote employees who can work virtually from anywhere without issues due to the recent pandemic. Since remote jobs are open for anyone around the globe, there is a need to step up your game and stand out from the pack. In that case, here are ways you can make your remote job application be distinctive enough to get hired.

1. Avoid “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Almost every job applicant is opening their letter with this statement, and it is one of the most boring lines ever. If you want to stand out from numerous other applicants, you need to scrap this element from your application. Be creative, think outside the box. Instead of “Dear Hiring Manager,” find out who the hiring manager is, and use their name instead.

2. Reviews from Previous Employers

Although you might be a rock-star remote employee, the only people capable of convincing your potential employee are your former employees. One way to go about this is by adding positive reviews of your last employee. Make sure you include references from people you’ve worked with, especially in remote capacities. Getting these relevant individuals to leave a review on your LinkedIn is a formidable strategy.

3. Recount A Previous Remote Experience

If you had worked remotely before, then it would be perfect if you include it in your application. Here is a fact, not everyone is keen on remote jobs. Numerous people are often distracted by home chores, or perhaps social media instead of work. But by having such a previous experience, you will have an edge compared to other applicants. Make sure you include these experiences in your first paragraph for higher exposure.

4. A Link to Your Blog

If you want to come off as an expert in your field, you need to show it through your blog. A personal blog is your selling edge, a funnel through which you can easily convince a potential employer. Remote jobs receive lots of applications, and a personal blog that shows off your personality and expertise will work wonders. Your prospective employer needs evidence of drive, curiosity, and passion, and a personal blog often do wonders in that regard.

5. Nail the Interview

Interviews for a remote job often happen via a video call. So, you have to be ready to ace the interview without hassles. You need to sit comfortably and make sure you fix technological glitches before they happen. Just like every other interview, you need to dress up, sit down, and face the camera with a smile. While at this, ensure that your background is not cluttered, dirty, or noisy. To minimize interruption, make sure you’re away from people.


Acing a remote job interview is easy if you pull the right strings. Remember, they are looking to hire the best, and you must give exactly the impression. It is a competitive hunt, so never assume they would settle for anything less than perfect. To ensure your application is ATS compatible and friendly, download and install our plugin here. To learn more, visit Jobalytics.

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1 Comment

Mia Nieves
Mia Nieves
Apr 14, 2020

Thank you so much! Such a great advice!

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