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How to Update your Resume

Updating your resume, even when you're not looking for a job, is a smart thing to do. You never can tell when an opportunity will present itself. If you're found not ready, it only ends in regret.

Sometimes you have to beat that laziness and take action upon your resume. When was the last time you revamped the data in your resume? Perhaps the job hunt took a toll on you, beating you down to the point of giving up.

It doesn't have to be so, as an opportunity only meets the prepared. When your resume is updated, you can easily find that perfect job using Curate.

To boost and ensure your application reaches the right person, we developed a keyword analyzer plugin that optimize your resume.

No doubt, your chances of getting that job offer accelerates to over 80%, which is incredible if you think about it. Before you start applying, here are ways to update your resume.

1. Cut Out The Deadwood

Too much information can be overwhelming, and you should steer away from such practice. In your resume, it is not necessary to include things like age, ethnicity, sexuality, or marital status. Such information is not relevant to your employer.

Instead, include your contact details, skills, qualification, and experience if you have any. Another mistake job seekers make is including their salary details. That is utterly unnecessary and appalling. Also, it could harm your application if your employer considers your salary too low or too high.

You don't need to include your hobbies unless it relates to the job position. If not, employers aren't interested in such irrelevant information.

2. Resume Makeover

If you want your job application to stand out, consider updating your resume format and appearance. Believe it or not, visually appealing resumes tend to capture the hearts of employers, allowing them to pay more attention to your application.

There are hundreds and thousands of resume templates on the internet that you can use. The good thing is, they are mostly free and easy to edit.

That way, you don't have issues updating your resume. If you've been procrastinating, it's because you have envisioned the process to be tedious. It's fun and refreshing, having to create a visually appealing job resume that makes you wonder.

For the first time, you feel like an artist, which is a sign of creativity.

3. Update Social Handles

When was the last time you edited your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps you never have, so lazy! But guess what, updating your social handles can be the trick to getting that dream job.

Instead of lying around chilling with Netflix, perhaps you can buff up your chances of getting that job you so much talk about.

When you submit your job application, your employer will most likely check your social handles to ensure information corresponds. When you play the ball well, you'll get the desired result.

You can easily update your resume with the right tools. It doesn't even have to take more than 10-minute, since all you have to do is input your personal information.


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