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How to Use Resume ATS Optimization To Your Advantage

Updated: May 26, 2020

Resume ATS optimization is now a thing. Gone are the days when it'd suffice to print your resumes and leave them with the front desk. Technology today means that human resource departments leave most of the hiring process to software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Because of its efficiency in finding the best candidates on paper, recruiters rely on ATS to selecting candidates for phone calls and interviews. So, if you really want a shot at your dream job, it's in your best interest to work with the system to get it.

What ATS software does is that analyzes the resumes of job applicants and ranks them on the keyword matches for the role. The higher the proportion of keywords it matches, then the higher the chances are that your job search will be successful. Resume ATS optimization helps you to develop a resume that will contain information and keywords that match the criteria of your job category and get you ranked high on the list of applicants. When writing your resume today, you can use the Jobalytics plugin to help your resumé get to the right table for consideration. Jobalytics does real-time resume analysis for you to make sure your resume has the keywords that your desired job listing will use to select the best candidates.

How to optimize your resume to maximize your opportunities

Here are some ways to craft your resume to make the most of resume ATS optimization and get the jobs you desire:

Write to the future, not past.

Make sure your resume highlights your current career goals and the path you want to achieve. Give high relevance to your qualifications, work experience, and achievements that will make you a suitable candidate for the job.

Integrate suggested keywords

Almost all recruiters today use ATS to find qualified candidates. If your resume is missing some critical keywords, it's likely that recruiters will never even catch a glimpse of your application. Resume keyword optimization tools like Jobalytics will help you identify the right keywords that recruiters and hiring managers are using to seek talent in your preferred industry. For example, in today's world using the keyword "talent acquisition" is a more robust choice than "personnel." Once you've used the Jobalytics Chrome App to analyze and find keywords for your role, make the necessary corrections on your resume and then send it in with your application.

Open with a "wow" statement.

Because recruiters see so many resumes, you must be able to bring your best self to the front right at the beginning. Your WOW factor has to be visible right off the page from the first impression. This WOW element can be a brief write-up about your responsibilities, your unique skills or work ethic, your achievements, etc. Ask yourself questions about what you are best known for and what your best qualities are to guide you when writing your WOW statement.

Let your words count.

You want a modern resume that is easy to read and cuts away all the fat content. Add numbers and percentages to your achievements; for example, I grew revenue by 30% in 6 months. This precise quantity helps employers to understand what you have done exactly. Use a narrative and numbers to paint the picture. Use strong action verbs to start your statements. Remove filler words like "responsible for," "able to work under pressure," "proficient in Office suite." Try as much as possible not to state the obvious like "References available upon request."


Despite the pandemic, companies are still recruiting for both office and remote positions. Use resume optimization tools like the Jobalytics Chrome App to help employers to get a better picture of how valuable you will be to their business. All the best! ✨

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