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Jobs You Can Do from Home or Anywhere

Remote jobs although, quite unpopular years ago, are now becoming a norm. As firms begin to adjust to the pace set by the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of working from home is getting more accepted. The outbreak of the virus has made social distancing imperative, and as such, workplaces have gotten closed and employees have had to work from home.

There has even been a rise in remote work opportunities as companies are even hiring workers outside their locality and letting them work long-term as this arrangement seems to be more cost-effective. Technology makes the idea of work collaboration easier, and because of this, remote job openings have increased by 28.3% even while general job listings went down by 23%.

Even if there seem to be a plethora of websites that advertise fake job listings, there are still remote jobs that are available legitimately. We have collated a list of ten jobs you can do from home or anywhere you choose, and they are as follows:

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative, creative, or technical services for a wide range of industries. The services of virtual assistants are getting more popular as professionals need help organizing schedules, issuing correspondence, and carrying out smaller tasks that are instrumental to their job success.

Web developer

Web developers create and design websites for either commercial or personal use. Seeing that their services do not require a physical presence to be done, more people are attuned to hiring skilled web developers remotely.

Social Media Manager

In recent times, there has been an increase in the need for social media managers and their services. Organizations and businesses require a firmer social media presence in order to move with the pace of digitization, and as such, remote work opportunities for promoting brands and their products are on the rise.

Content writers

People with writing skills and the right credentials are constantly sought after for jobs like document preparation, article writing, proofreading, and editing. As long as one has a computer, these skills, and internet access, there would always be job listings in this very competitive field.

Customer service representatives

As long as firms have a customer base, there would always be a need for customer service representatives. Firms and small businesses are getting more attuned to hiring independent representatives to handle orders, questions, and troubleshoot for their clients.

Affiliate marketing

This involves a type of referral marketing where each referral earns one a commission. If you own a website, you can carry out affiliate marketing by adding links to other sales websites. If a purchase is carried out, you earn a commission. It is a form of passive income earning.

Software developers

Firms in computer systems design, manufacturing, and other related fields require the services of software developers to create software and applications. With their services being a little more high-end, the salary range of software developers is on the high side.

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