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Seven Most Marketable Skills for Today’s Business World

In the face of a global pandemic, firms and industries are being hit in different ways. Firms are having to cut down costs, and massive layoffs have occurred as a result. The number of unemployed people shot up by more than fourteen million in the United States alone between February and May. With economies slowly opening up, recovery is in tow. More industries are requiring a more skilled labor force to navigate these times, and as such, job openings are increasing. However, the labor market will be more competitive. To set you apart, here is a list of seven marketable skills that are most sought after in these times:

Remote adaptability

As the world is changing to cope in recent times, the workplace is also changing. One must be able to adapt to the newly embraced remote-based workplace. The ability to be both flexible and work without physical supervision is a much-needed skill in all corporate spaces.

Critical thinking

One of the essential skills in this time is being able to think extensively to solve immediate problems carefully. An objective approach or view in these uncertain times is priceless, and the ability to show one’s expertise in problem-solving would make a difference in the interview process.

Tech savviness

One of the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is how it has fast-tracked the need for technological improvements that are essential in the prevention of future disruptions. Artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, and virtual reality are tech tools that are going to be indispensable in all roles in the workplace. It is, therefore, vital that one can navigate the use of these tools comfortably.

Creativity and innovation

The ability to creatively think out solutions to problems and innovate is one that has and would always be valuable, especially in times like this. The ingenuity of humanity is what would help us navigate the post-COVID era. This is why having creative fuel would be much appreciated in this period.

Digital and Coding skills

The corporate space is fast becoming more and more digitized to cope with the coronavirus. Professionals with digital skills in web development and coding are must-hires for firms to keep digital businesses up and to run.

Leadership and emotional intelligence

Firms need to have employees that can show strength and control over emotions in uncertain times. This is why professionals who can be good team leaders are going to be more sought after.

Data literacy

Data is being considered as what will fuel the fourth revolution. Data is essential, not just for predicting patterns of change, but for problem-solving and good policy-making. For this reason, people who have good knowledge of data science are going to be more appealing to hiring managers

Be sure to arm yourself with some of these skills as their importance in these times cannot be overemphasized. Also, download Jobalytics Chrome Extension today to tailor your resume to beat the ATS bots. The Curate service is also available to help you find exciting jobs in your field according to your skills personalized to your needs and delivered weekly for you.


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