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Significant Employment Trends for 2021

The year is coming with lots of expectations, especially for individuals who were laid off due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, the rise of work from home continues to grow, which many businesses have already utilized to remain operational. With video conferencing tools like Zoom, most companies can work and interact with their employees wherever they are.

1. Hiring And Employment Trend

Due to the raging pandemic, companies now use social media as their primary channel for recruiting, and it has become an essential aspect of business operation. Companies are actively engaging with potential employees on social media, and the strategy helped increase the rate of successful recruitment. Also, online collaboration studies have disclosed that employees are attracted to a culture of social network-based collaboration.

2. Curate

Due to the raging pandemic, job seekers are now utilizing faster and easier means to get a job. No longer do you need to spend the whole day browsing job sites when you can get a suitable job posting in a matter of minutes. With tools like Curate, finding the ideal job becomes easy. Not only can you filter the search to the desired position and location, you get matched to the jobs that fit your skills and qualifications.

3. Work From Home

Remote working has been around for years, and many people wouldn’t mind such a job, especially now that there is a new coronavirus variant. According to a study by Owl Labs, about 34% of US workers said they wouldn’t mind a 5% cut to work remotely. Remote working should be something you can do, as most companies now prefer their employees to work from home.

4. Keyword Analyzer

To handle enormous job applications, companies often use an ATS to sort applications. If you want to have an advantage, it is best to use a Keyword Analyzer to forward your application. That way, you will be sure that your application will bypass the system. This incredible tool ensures that your job application is optimized for the ideal position you’re applying for.

5. Remain Flexible

Another trend which you should be aware of is flexibility, and this year’s trend comes with hybrid working scenarios. That means that people with better flexibility will most likely have a better edge than people who don’t.

6. A Surge In Retirement

Many boomers are already leaving the job market or fed up. In the quarter of 2020, about 28 million left to retire, and the trend is expected to continue. That means more opportunities for job seekers who have all it takes to fill the space.


There are lots of emerging trends that you should be aware of as a job seeker. Knowing these trends will help give you a better chance at securing that dream job of yours. With Curate and Keyword Analyzer, you have a much better chance at getting your ideal job.


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