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The Best Jobsearch Lifehack in the Coronapocolypse

The coronavirus global pandemic has swept the entire world by storm; and the impact has been especially devastating in the United States with many individuals and families hit hard.

It's estimated that about 36 million people have filed for unemployment claims since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With so many people out of a job, the employment market is now more crowded than ever, as vast numbers of people are applying to positions like never before.

This increase in applications makes it harder for employers to consider every candidate evenly to find the right fit for their business, and on the other side, it makes it harder for job seekers to get through the crowd and land phone calls and interviews.

If you or someone you know has been affected by job loss, we'll share a critical jobsearch lifehack that you can start using today for free and it will super-boost your application to be successful and land you more phone calls and interviews.

What can you do to be successful?

For many, the most difficult hurdle of the job search is getting through the stack of applications and into the hands of a real human. Only at that point will an applicant actually be considered for a phone call or interview. Since most job applications are being submitted online, it's essential to become educated about all of the systems and variables that go into categorizing your resume compared to other applicants'. One of those variables is known as ATS or Application Tracking Systems.

To help you get a better understanding of what ATS is and how it impacts your resume's visibility to employers, and what you can do about it, we're going to provide you with a detailed breakdown below.

How ATS Optimization Can Aid in Your Job Search

ATS is an acronym that stands for Application Tracking Systems; ATS is a protocol used by many job search boards to filter the applications they receive to increase the odds of finding the perfect match for a particular position. ATS essentially checks your resume for specific keywords and phrases that match with keywords posted in the job posting.

This is done to do a preliminary pre-screening of the applicants to see who's work history best fits the job description. If you've been sending multiple job applications only to get no response, it may be your resume's formatting that's stopping you from getting a callback. To enhance your odds of receiving a callback, you need to curate your resume with ATS optimization in mind. One way to do so is by using a resume keyword analyzer like Jobalytics Chrome App that will allow you to see how well your resume matches the role and how well it might stack up against other applicants. The best jobsearch lifehack is to use a tool like the Jobalytics App before you apply to make sure you're sending the best resume in to overcome unnecessary ATS hurdles and increase your odds of making it to the phone calls and interviews where you can shine and be successful.

About Jobalytics

Jobalytics is on a mission to successfully match 1,000,000 people with job opportunities that are tailored to fit their existing skills and knowledge.

Use the Jobalytics App to find out what your Resume Match Score for the jobs you want to apply to, and discover critical keywords so you can revise your resume to successfully pass any ATS filtering in the application process and get through to more phone calls and interviews.

And Jobalytics is working on a new tool called "Curate," which will analyze your resume and automatically scan the web for job listings that perfectly match your profile with the highest match scores, and sends you weekly curated list of your best job matches so you can choose which positions to apply to for the best chances of landing phone calls and interviews. Curate is in Beta and spots are limited. Sign up for Curate for free!


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