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Tips for Handling Work-From-Home Stress

Do you know that your mental health requires a lot of care during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic? Many people are trying to adjust to working from home and are facing new stressors that they haven’t experienced before. The disconnection from loved ones and having to work in the same space as daily life can prove quite difficult. That is why you should know some tips that will help you to handle the stress better and continue to be productive and efficient.

Have a routine

Working from home sometimes appears chaotic compared to working out of an office. Having a routine will help you adjust better to remote work. Start each day with a plan and a schedule. Wake up, get refreshed, prepare as you will for office and wear clothes, not pajamas. This puts you into the mind frame to work, and you feel refreshed. Have clear working hours, break times and stick to them as you will if you were at work.

Move around

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed from being cooped up at home, stand up from your desk and walk around. In as little as five minutes, you will exercise and let go of some of the tenseness in your body. You can do some laps on the staircase, meditate for 10 minutes, lift weights or just dance. If you have an Apple Smart Watch, you can use the MOVE indicator as a reminder to take a walking break periodically each day. The app also allows you to maintain a streak which helps motivate you.

Design your workspace

Humans are environmental beings, and your work area can influence your vibe. Because your brain associates your home with fun, it makes it difficult for you to work. You can condition your brain to adjust to working at home by creating a desk area or home office in a separate space and adding all your favorite things there. Your favorite office mug, stapler and other familiar things that can keep you calm during the day.

Go easy on yourself

Don’t forget that these times are strange, and nobody has all the answers. It is okay to be stressed out and unproductive sometimes. You will have good days and bad days. On those days where you don’t feel like giving your best or even being at work, it doesn’t hurt to speak to your boss to take half a day off. Find ways to do the things that help you reconnect with your happy side. Call friends, make virtual meetups, allow yourself to feel everything that is happening and let it pass. Remind yourself that you are equipped to deal with the situation and things will only improve.

The last few months have been stressful. Don’t forget to care for yourself even more than ever before. Use these tips and see how much better and more productive you will be.


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