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Tips for Standing Out in A Video Interview

As workplaces all over the world become increasingly remote-based, hiring processes are also evolving in the same way. In recent times, video interviews have become the order of the day. It is, therefore, essential that job seekers familiarize themselves with the nuances of it. This is because, although hugely convenient, video interviews can be just as tricky as physical ones.

Issues of losing network signals, maintaining eye contact, and delays in speech are common while getting interviewed over the internet. Despite these inconveniences, firms and recruiters are choosing video interviews as the type to adopt in one of the first, if not all the stages of interviews. There are typically two types of video interviews:

Prerecorded video interviews

This type of video interviews requires job seekers to record video responses to interview questions in their own time. They are also called one-way interviews or on-demand interviews as they do not require the interviewer to be present. This type of interview is used for preliminary stages of the hiring process.

Live interviews

These are real-time interviews that require the presence of the interviewer and the job seeker. They are almost the same as regular interviews except for the physical presence involved. Live interviews are mostly used when remote work is required. They usually occur via video chats like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and so on. The interviewer sets a date and time for the interview one these platforms and then sends out an invite to the person to be interviewed. Responses can also be recorded to playback and weigh in on the process.

Having a video interview does not have to scare you. Here are some tips to help you give your best impression during a video job interview.

  • Practice beforehand: The best way to win at interviews of any kind is to prepare. Having a fair idea of what you are going to say not only helps you to be ready, it also helps you to stay confident. Practice, they say, makes perfect.

  • Prepare: Preparation for a video interview should be just as intense as that of a physical interview. Familiarize yourself with the company using both Google and LinkedIn. Also be sure to be careful about your appearance, as dressing appropriately is essential.

  • Set up: Your environment has to be proper and professional; this is why you must set up. Be sure to test out the lighting and adjust your camera to show what you want. A quiet environment is most appropriate, so be sure to take out distractions beforehand.

  • Eye contact: It is proper etiquette to maintain eye contact. It shows not only professionalism but confidence. Learn to maintain eye contact over a video interview as you do not want to seem distracted. A great way to prepare for this is to do a test run with a friend. It helps to give a fair idea of what you are working with.

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