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Tips On Connecting With Recruiters On Social Media

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

According to research, about 84% of organizations use social media to recruit new employees, while the remaining percentages are planning to use social media in the nearest future. It opens unique opportunities for job seekers, especially those who are keen on social media.

In this article, you’re going to learn some of the ways through which you can use social media to connect to your recruiters on social media.

Connect On LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be your starting point in the job-hunting process. However, it goes beyond just having an active LinkedIn account. There is a need to buff your account to reflect your skills, experience, and job prospects.

Besides your LinkedIn profile, you can search for companies and gatekeepers who have the key to thousands of job opportunities. You can do that by searching either by company name, title, or any other keywords that could help expose you to your ideal job.

Be Active

Aside from LinkedIn, another digital platform you can use to connect with recruiters on social media is Twitter. Twitter not only offers you ways to discover content, but you can also position yourself as a thought leader through the platform.

With this social platform, you can easily reach out to the company, especially now that most companies have handles for recruitment. Many companies are getting on board with this new development, and adapting to this emerging trend will help you get that ideal job.

Use Your Connection

This includes all your links across all social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Not only can you use your contacts, but you can also use the contacts of your connection to get that dream job of yours.

Reach out to your contacts, especially those who work for employers that you’re targeting. You can begin by asking them what it’s like working for their employer. Although this might sound trivial, but it will help you understand your prospective employer better, then use a better approach.

Proofread And Keep It Short

When it comes to sending messages to recruiters, try to keep it short and to the point. LinkedIn messages don’t need to be a long epistle since your profile provides a more detailed overview of your background. Instead of blabbing about who you are, focus on the values that you can offer.

Ensure that you proofread your message, as it helps to eliminate spelling errors or grammatical blunders. That is why messaging through a computer is preferable compared to mobile. With Microsoft Word, you're less likely to make mistakes.

Keep It Formal

Most employers often offer bonuses for referrals. If you have an impressive online presence, one of your friends might contact you to work for their firm. Try as much as possible to keep it formal, even though they are your Facebook friends.

Formally construct your message, so your friends will be able to forward your response to their recruiter verbatim. As long as you have an impressive and positive impression on your social media presence, you wouldn’t have a problem securing that dream job.

With tools like Resume Keyword Analyzer and Curate, you can improve your chance of getting that job you’ve always hoped for.


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