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Top 4 Tips for A Successful Virtual Job Interview

The workplace has evolved quickly following the pandemic with new practices that help save time and improve efficiency. Once the hiring manager reaches out to you and asks for a real-time video interview, you should start getting ready so that you can put yourself in the best position to land the job. Impressing a hiring manager from miles away behind a screen can seem daunting, but many tips can help you make the most of the situation.

1. Test your technology

The second you confirm your availability for a virtual interview, you should check your internet connection speed, ensure that your laptop or smart device's camera and microphone are in top condition. Be sure to check that the picture quality is clear and not grainy and that there is no echo in the voice output. If you don't have optimal equipment, you can invest in a capable mini webcam with an in-built microphone. These are relatively easy to set up before your interview. Being ready with the right equipment tells your hiring manager that you put in the effort and want the job.

2. Remove distractions

When testing your internet and devices, decide where you want to take the interview. Your best location is a room with good natural lighting, near a window, or a monochrome wall. A blank wall ensures that you are the focus of the conversation. Remove noise sources and check that you're not too close to the neighborhood hustle and bustle.

3. Sit down and be ready

You are on a computer, but you are also under scrutiny. Watch your body language, convince your employers that you are detail-conscious by dressing for the occasion, and have a journal with all the important notes you need for quick reference. Have a printed copy of your resume so that you can see all crucial selling points at a glance. A virtual interview gives you the chance to have ready-made answers to common interview questions like why you want the role, how you found out about the company, and your most significant strengths.

4. Practice without memorizing

You're not reading a script, so even if you have answers written down or rehearsed, speak from the heart and with emotion. Keep your voice within a normal range like you would with a family member or friend. Get familiar with your answers and practise under different conditions.

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