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Top 4 Ways To Step Out Your Comfort Zone and Land A Job Interview

We've all been there. It's familiar. It's comfortable. Searching through different websites and countless job posts, spending so much time applying and sending resumes to job after job, and for many companies we never get a response. Is that just the way it is, or is there a better way?

Companies get between 102 and 137 applications per post from both social-media networks and job sites, says a 2014 research from Brandon Hall Group. If you don't want to get lost in the crowd then it's time to step out from your comfort zone doing the same things and use these tips to navigate your way through this massive ocean and find success! Keep reading!

#4 LinkedIn

It is best to get plugged into career networking sites like LinkedIn. You might think you don't need to do this if you're still in school and studying, but it really looks great to companies if you're already interested to know what's trending on in the job market and you've started building your professional network.

LinkedIn connects experts to make them more prolific and successful. LinkedIn is the most extensive professional network. Here, you can hunt for jobs, get contacts of employers who are posting vacancies, and follow companies of interest to get the update. Job seekers can add portfolio samples within their profiles to showcase their credentials to prospective companies. The key to stepping out of your comfort zone in LinkedIn is to be proactive. Send personalized messages to key people in your network to make requests for connections, intros and referrals to the companies and positions you want to apply to. You'd be surprised how easy it is and how much people want to lend a hand!

#3 Recruitment Agencies

Searching for a job through a recruitment agency can be a safe choice, especially if you find the whole concept of selling yourself tough. Recruitment agencies frequently and actively hunt for work on your behalf, and if you find a good recruiter, they will have your back and champion you for the best roles. This can ease up the burden a bit if you're finding job hunting tiresome, and it can get you a job faster than expected.

#2 Network or Referral

Employee referral is one of the most preferred and efficient methods used for recruitment from both the perspective of the employer and candidates, as companies usually prefer to hire someone who their trusted agents can vouch for.

Leverage this effective strategy by being proactive and asking your community, friends, and family who work in or might know others who work in firms you'd like to explore. This can usually result in you finding out about jobs before other candidates, and immediately puts you at interest if someone can recommend you.

#1 Use a Resume Analyzer to Optimize your Resume

But with all these strategies, you're still competing against all the other candidates for the company's limited interview slots. So how do you make sure your resume lands on top of the stack so you can be the one that gets the interview offer? As you might know, companies now use automated systems called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage, filter, and prioritize the hundreds of applications they receive to sort through and find the best fitted candidates. Your luck in getting an interview depends on your resume passing through these automated filters and ranking you at the top of the list. To ensure your resume gets through ATS, you need to add the right keywords that companies are looking for and luckily they share what they're looking for in the job posts. Here's where Jobalytics Chrome App comes in handy. It is a resume analyzer that examines your resume's keywords and ensures you have included the most relevant keywords, giving you a match score to let you know how well your resume might work if you were to apply.

If you want to save time, consider the signing up for the Jobalytics Curate service that is being offered in beta now for free. Our AI-powered platform scans the web every week for the latest job posts and automatically analyzes the match score of your resume and the job descriptions to discover the best jobs where your application is most likely to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and get you a phone call or interview. Each week, we'll email you a list of these top matches for free.

With our Jobalytics Chome App and Curate service, we value your highest success and freedom, and do our utmost to honor your privacy and take every feasible step to protect and secure your documents. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and maximize your chances of getting an interview with the Jobalytics Chrome App and Jobalytics Curate today!


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