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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning To Remote Work

If you’ve not been working remotely before, then you’re most likely to make these common mistakes. No doubt, working from home offers you tons of benefits, especially this time that the world is on lock down due to the current pandemic. Getting things done outside of a conventional office can be a considerable change. In that case, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

1. Getting Easily Distracted

Although you’ll agree that distraction is everywhere, even in a traditional office. But at least, you get back on track when you sight your supervisor, or perhaps your boss. But with remote working, everything lies on you. When you’re working remotely, you might encounter people coming in and going out. In worse cases, they might want to strike up a conversation.

That is not all; you will also face numerous house chores begging for your attention. If you have kids, that might even be the worst form of distraction. Some other times, it can come like your favorite tv show, enticing you to take a break and grab the couch.

If you want to be productive, eliminate these distractions as fast as possible. If the kids are going to be a problem, get them a babysitter. Hide your social media apps and ensure that every house chore is taken care of before work.

2. Not Setting Clear Goals

When you wake up every morning, do you start working without setting goals and expectations? The key to successful remote working is to set clear goals, then plan to achieve them before the end of the day. That way, you’re most productive and able to neutralize distractions.

There are numerous apps today which you can use to keep track of time, and your goals. There is nothing more fulfilling than meeting your goals. The feeling is terrific. So, don’t make the mistake of starting the day without clear goals and plans. When you set goals, you discover you’re more focused on achieving them. Also, it prevents you from exhausting yourself.

3. The Right Setup

The right setup would determine your overall mood and feeling. You might consider setting up your home office in one corner of your kitchen. At first, it might seem like a good idea until there is no room to spread your legs.

Before you start working from home, ensure that you have an inspiring setup. A reasonable and conducive environment where you work is key to productivity. Imagine working and looking across a beach, or perhaps seeing beautiful trees and hearing the birds’ tweet. That is the kind of setup you need, something that soothes your mood. When considering the right setup, ensure that your supplies are in places where you can easily find them. If not, you risk getting frustrated and unproductive.


Remote working comes with tons of benefits and can be the next phase looking at humanity. For the past few months, remote working is gradually gaining momentum, and it would be a mistake not to prepare toward such an angle. Get your resume the attention it deserves by using the Jobalytics Chrome plugin to have a better chance of securing a remote job today


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