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Top Places To Network And Get Referrals In An Online World

There are approximately 7.6 billion people on earth. If you can tap into just a fraction of that population, you will become successful in your career. The dream of every entrepreneur, freelancer, and professional alike is to grow a bigger network and get referrals. That is only possible when they can expose themselves to their target market.

Now the big question is, which places can one network and get referrals? As a remote worker or freelancer, this question might be burning in your mind. But before you start hunting for connections and referrals, ensure that you are using the best resume ATS optimization and resume analyzer (checkout the Jobalytics Chrome App) since your potential clients often use an ATS software to screen your application.

Places To Meet People Online

Meetup is a social networking site that you can use to connect to potential clients and key individuals in your industry. Through the diverse groups on meetup, growing your network becomes easy.


You need to consider hanging out on this professional platform if you've targeted business executives and professionals alike. With over 500 million users, you will be able to connect to your target market and get referrals.

Discover groups

You can join a lot of professional groups on your favorite social media platform, like Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. These are incredible avenues that you can use to hook up with key figures in your industry and have productive conversations.


Facebook is an incredible platform that allows you to connect to professionals. You can follow pages or groups in your industry, even run sponsored posts with just a few bucks. 

How To Manage Online Meetings

Connect with key figures

When you have dabbled into your favorite online channel, you will discover some key individuals in your industry. Connect with them by following or sending them a friend request.

Strike up a conversation

You don't wait for them to message you first before you can kick off a discussion. They are a potential network, and it is your job to lead the horse. With a professional profile, snubbing is very unlikely. 

Pitch Yourself

Professionally start the convo and ask for areas of challenges. Try as much as possible not to use emojis, as it can turn off most individuals. Inquire about vacant roles and sell your skills without being pushy. If you're able to convince your target of how your skills are a great fit, you will undoubtedly get a foot in the door for an interview. 

As usual, you will need to submit your resume for proper evaluation. Before you send that, don't forget to use the Jobalytics Chrome Extension for excellent ATS optimization. That way, you're able to target your resume to the specific role you desire.


Networking and getting referrals can be a very effective path for discovering your next role. It comes down to taking the simple action of reaching out to people. And the key to making sure your networks and referrals don't slip is by making sure your resume can pass the ATS machine. You do this by using a reliable resume ATS optimization like the Jobalytics Chrome App to optimize your application to the ideal keywords. To learn more, visit Jobalytics.


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