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Using A Performance Review Or Promotion To Reflect On Current Job

What you do every day makes a significant impact on your life in comparison to the things you do every once in a while. Your job, for example, is an intrinsic aspect that determines the quality of your life. The average person spends 13 years of their life at work. If you're fond of overtime, that could add a year to the duration.

During a performance review, or maybe a promotion, it is often customary to reflect on how well your time has been spent. Most importantly, you ask questions that help you prioritize your life. Do you know your career goals and how to achieve them? Most importantly, are you happy with your current job?

Here are some questions that will help you reflect deeply on your current job.

1. Do I Like My Role In My Office?

Maybe you're the go-to person when there is a tech problem, or the event planner because you have glitter in your veins. Whatever these are, do you like the role you play in your job? Or would you prefer to swap if a better opportunity comes?

During performance appraisal or promotion, how much you love your role goes a long way to determine how happy you are. Think about the extramural tasks you picked up, and decide whether they add value to your life or career in any way. If they don't, it's time you focus on a project you're meant to do and leave the extra task for someone else.

2. Who Benefits From The Work I Do?

Sometimes it's hard to remember why your job matters when you're punching keyboards all day. But no matter what you do, someone is benefiting from your hard work and tenacity. Hopefully, it could bring you a sense of purpose and pride that you're part of something bigger than yourself.

It could be something as small as helping someone's day go more smoothly or help a family access a service. No matter how little, it often becomes a thing that you take pride in doing. If you feel optimistic about it, it means you're in the right place.

3. Your Least Favorite Part Of The Job

Remember, you're on planet earth, so there's always something not to like. Perhaps you hate writing the quarterly reports or that weekly presentation. If your answer to this is something larger, like your paycheck or working hours, then there is work to be done.

You can mitigate the situation by either asking for a raise or negotiating flexible hours. Try as much as you can to fix your job's least favorite aspect till the only thing bugging you is changing your workplace dustbin.


The most crucial question when reflecting on your current job is – am I happy with my career? If you answer negatively, perhaps it's time to find out why and fix it. Sometimes, a permanent fix could be turning your least favorite aspect into something you enjoy, or maybe look for a better job. Whatever you do, your happiness is what matters most.


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