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Ways to Decide Which Jobs To Apply To

When you have lots of options on the table, it gives you a sense of freedom and control. When those options are job listings, it means you're pretty lucky to get such in this age where positions are limited.

When you encounter a plethora of job listings, what do you do? You're probably thinking of applying to all; after all, it gives you a better chance. Well, you're not wrong, but it can backfire, leaving you with nothing in the end.

It's recommended you don't apply to all job openings since it will affect the time, quality, and attention you give to each job application.

However, focusing on one application allows you to pour your very essence into the application; coupled with Curate, you will undoubtedly charm the heart of your employer.

So, here are ways to decide which job to apply for:

1. Determine Your Qualifications

There is no harm in trying to challenge yourself by aiming higher. Besides, that's how man was able to evolve to this point. But if you're regularly applying for jobs you're unqualified for, you're only setting yourself up for failure.

If you must decide on the right job to apply for, go for the option that tallies with your qualification and skills. That way, you have a greater chance.

After you've gone through the job description, ask yourself if you're qualified. It's perfectly ok if it's a small stretch - just make sure you have the right keywords and be prepared to elaborate in your cover letter.

2. Research The Company

It always ends with regrets when you love your position but hate the company. When you're presented with lots of job listings, don't decide on any yet. Research each of the companies and determine which one you'll love to work for.

To find the ideal company, go online, and read reviews. You can also look through their website and get a feel of their values and work. Their social media handles are another place to look, and their tone of voice and how they connect with customers can give away their experience.

Put on your detective hat and find out about each of the companies on your list. Do that before deciding on which of the positions to apply to.

3. Think Long Term

Nobody loves a job hopper, and you can avoid ever becoming one by always thinking long term. Before deciding on a job position to apply for, ask yourself: do I see myself working here in five to ten years?

Always do this before considering applying for a job, as you need something you can stay with for a little while. A job that pushes you toward your career goals is always the best shot. With Curate, getting such a job position is swift.

Curate is an AI-powered personalized job recommendation that provides you with job openings based on your skills, qualification, and location.

With such a powerful tool, you save time and stress looking for a job. In a matter of seconds, you can find that dream job you've been hunting for years.


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