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Dealing with Losing Your Job Due to Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Losing your job suddenly can be quite a stressful experience, especially in today's times, with an ongoing pandemic. The national unemployment rate is skyrocketing, and COVID-19 is tormenting the economy. The worst part is that almost all sectors and organizations are feeling the impact of the pandemic, so it makes it more difficult for job seekers in this climate. Even though being patient is the last thing anyone looking for a job wants to hear, it is still the best advice to start with for anyone unemployed at this time. Here is some advice for dealing with unemployment these days.

File for unemployment benefits

Unemployment insurance is a program that helps you to get some compensation when you are looking for employment but can’t find one. Once you lose your job, contact your local unemployment program and find out what you need to start the process. It will help you receive compensation while you search for a new job.

Reduce your expenses

Losing your job means you have to be more prudent with your expenses while ensuring you are paying your bills. Think of it as being stuck on a ship with limited supplies and waiting to be rescued. It isn’t the best time to throw a party or take in extra housemates. Make the best use of whatever you have so that you are not behind on payments and running as lean as you can.

Update your LinkedIn and resume

Netflix is fun, but you should also try to work on your LinkedIn profile. Update your profile with your most recent work experience, certifications, and skills. Even if employers are not hiring at the moment, it pays to be prepared for when they begin hiring. Now is a great time to make yourself more attractive to employers. You should also tailor your resume to show that you can work remotely as those are the majority of available jobs at the moment.

Look out for relief resources

Credit cards and lenders are not required to help out now, but many have come forward to help borrowers be less stressed about payments. Because there is no standard, you should call your credit card and loan companies to find out what they can do for you as you lost your job due to the coronavirus. American Express has stopped late fees, for example, Well Fargo is also suspending auto repossessions while the pandemic lasts.

Final thoughts

We at Jobalytics understand how things can be difficult at the moment, and we hope you're able to use our Chrome Extension to improve your chances of finding a job. We will continue to work at improving our service during this time and keep providing you with all the help you need as you chase after your dream job. Jobalytics will remain open.

We are also working on completing another excellent feature called Curate. Curate by Jobaltyics is still in the works, and we're currently taking email reservations. It is designed to help you find the jobs that give you the best fit based on your location, skills, and other preferences. Watch out for this free service in the coming weeks. Stay home and stay safe.


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