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What is an applicant tracking system?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Your Resume is Read by Robots- Not by Humans Anymore!

Who are These Robots?

Application Tracking Systems (ATS aka “robots”) are used by many corporations to assist with job hiring and recruitment processes. This software helps companies filter, sort and organize candidates in the job application process for the initial screening.9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies are using the ATS to build great teams. (Source: Medium)

The ease of online applications, however, has made it extremely challenging for big companies to review the hundreds of job applications and resumes that clutter their mailboxes every day. ATS speeds up the hiring process by quickly filtering through applications to identify which ones contain important keywords and comply with other rules set by the company as described in the job posting. ATS eliminates the need to review resumes that are a poor fit so Human Resource departments can focus on a smaller pool of candidates who seem better suited for the job.

The first step in making your resume ATS friendly is nailing the right keywords. Make sure your resume contains the exact keywords from the job description and not synonyms. . When using keywords, do overstuff your resume as the software is sophisticated enough to see these anomalies. Be wise and intelligent about using the keywords and use them as much is required.

Where Jobalytics fits in your job search process to increase your interview chances

Jobalytics helps you refine your job application by analyzing your resume against the job description and provides a match rate of the top keywords to consider adding to improve your resume. It is an easy chrome plug-in that processes your resume and functions on all websites that contain a job description. The Jobalytics plug-in gives you the liberty to (1) see how well your resume fits the job description and (2) identify and include missing keywords before pressing “apply”.

How does Jobalytics work?

1- Install the free Jobalytics chrome extension in your chrome browser. Go to a job post website for the extension to work.

2- Using the extension, upload your resume and press ‘analyze job description’.

3- Jobalytics identifies a match rate between your resume and the job you're applying for.

4- Jobalytics helps you identify keywords to improve your resume.


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